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IoT application and Services

MedCheck - Blood Pressure and Blood Glucose tracker

MedCheck - Blood Pressure and Blood Glucose tracker

Leveraging our expertise in developing mobile healthcare and wellness solutions, our expert IoT and mobile teams have built this IoT based mobile app solution on both, native iOS and Android platforms. This enables patients to monitor their blood pressure and glucose levels in a reliable manner without stepping foot outside home. The IoT application solution helps maintain blood pressure and glucose level in easy-to-understand graphs and filters. MedCheck mobile app compiles health data into reports that can be sent and printed while having doctor’s appointment.

  • IoT enabled Health Monitor
  • Portable Mobile Health Kit
  • Health Monitoring and Tracking
  • Keep Friends/family updated about Health
  • Stay in touch with Doctors
  • Smart Reminders and Notifications
REVITA5 - Health and Fitness Tracker

REVITA5 - Health and Fitness Tracker

Our in-house web/ mobile developers developed this ultimate health and fitness mobile app solution that helps boosting health and performance. Heart rate variability (HRV) tracker that enables users to measure how recovered they are from the prior day’s stress. In-app surveys to track sleep, food, mood, training load and more for deeper understanding on what causes HRV to rise and fall. Daily reminders to keep users motivated. Social sharing feature to broadcast scores and workout data.

  • Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Monitor
  • Wearable Health Tracker
  • Records of Steps and Mileage Covered
  • Customised exercise and diet plans
  • In-app program, coaching and support
HOOD - Vehicle Health Monitor

HOOD - Vehicle Health Monitor

Master coders at Let’s Nurture developed OBD II based mobile app for automotive & transportation industry. The tailor-made mobile application gives users insights on driving behaviour as well as defects in vehicles. This IoT based mobile app solution for automotive-transportation industry provides real-time vehicle and driving behavior tracking. The users can self diagnose their vehicle with single tap on mobile app. Users can locate nearby garages on the application. HOOD mobile app aims to make your driving not only smart but safe.

  • Vehicle self-diagnosis
  • Real time vehicle tracking
  • Driving Behaviour monitoring
  • OBD II tracking device
  • Locate nearby garage
  • Multiple vehicle health monitor
Y5HOME - Ultimate home and office automation

Y5HOME - Ultimate home and office automation

A smart home and office automation solution developed to make your life secure and simple. This intelligent mobility solution allows people to remotely access the appliances and gadgets to save electricity from anywhere. Convert your home and office into a smarter place with breakage free installation. Control lights, AC, doors, cameras and other appliances with one-tap on your smartphone leveraging Smarthome automation using IoT technology. Users can block the access of gadgets and appliances like TV, Music Player, etc for kids during their study time.

  • Home and Office Automation
  • Control appliances with smartphone
  • Save electricity
  • Secure your home
  • Breakage free installation
  • Block and Unblock access of appliances
ONASSEST - Seamless Cargo and Shipment tracking

ONASSEST - Seamless Cargo and Shipment tracking

It is a smart asset tracking and management solution also considered as a smart warehouse management solution that helps track cargo, monitor shipment round-the-clock. Using cutting-edge technologies like IoT, RFID, Geofencing, GPS and custom web/ mobile app development, represents a complete supply chain tracking for all modes of transportation, be it land, sea or air. The security and condition of your shipment is trackable from anywhere on the Earth. This mobility solution helps in eliminating human errors where management can have accessibility to multiple aspects of business operations with more flexibility with precise data and records.

  • Shipment tracking and Recovery
  • Asset Tracking
  • Cargo and Data Analytics
  • Real-time tracking
  • Round-the-clock tracking
  • Dangerous goods tracking
LUGGAGE TRACKER - Real-time Bag Tracking

LUGGAGE TRACKER - Real-time Bag Tracking

Luggage Tracker is an ultimate travel companion and solution for all the travellers leveraging BLE/ iBeacon and GPS tracking solutions. This amazing travel bag tracking solution allows travellers to track their luggage. Users simply have to put tracking device inside their luggage and custom mobile app, exclusively developed for this solution, will display real-time location of their bags. Never lose your bag with help of GPS enabled Luggage tracker. iBeacons can be precise for indoor tracking while GPS can be used for outdoor tracking.

  • Bluetooth enabled tracker
  • Prevent from getting lost
  • Real-time luggage tracking
  • Distance based notification
  • Multiple Bags tracker


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